Resources on this whole "Climate Change" thing

Global Warming Hoax

Despite the prejudicial-sounding name, this is a good place to start
with exposing much of the hype around this topic...

Science and Public Policy

World Climate Report

These two sites are just Blogs, but to the extent that they Link
to legitimate and scientific Resources, they function as
good starting points for finding serious material on this issue...

Climate Depot

This site exposes the hate-driven, violence-portraying
media campaigns of Al Gore and other "Climate Change"
extremists... If Conservatives pulled these kinds of stunts,
the lame-stream Media would absolutely CRUCIFY us...

Dr. Roy Spencer

Here is a real Climatologist, attempting to hold the line against
alarmism and media hype...

The Myth of "Scientific consensus"
In fact, there is consensus against "AGW"
Anthropogenic ("man-made") Global Warming
The Truth is very simple
More calm, rational Science
Global Warming Facts and additional Resources
Other Resources HERE and HERE

How much more, really, is needed
to dispel this "consensus" Myth??